Monday, May 7, 2012

My current life

Hey, guys! Finally I'm back to update my blog. Sorry for not updating for such a long time because I am almost exhausted for just updating my another blog from time to time. Apart from that, I have started my working life since 3 weeks ago. Currently, I work as a IT technical support in a small company that support 24 hours chain convenient stores at my state.

The job is not bad and quite interesting because you can learn a lot of knowledge that you can't get from books. It also helps to improve my understanding towards the operation of a business company. With this job, I need to travel from here to there almost every day and most of the time I can be assign to do support tasks at any location in my state.

Although I will be busy for traveling and tired because of traveling, but when I able to complete my mission/task then I will feel relief and happy of it. Okay, back to the next topic that I want to share with you guys. A month ago, I have watch a Japanese live movie "Gantz" that produced based on the same name popular Japanese manga series. This movie is a very interesting movie and its story line is smooth and clearly(*I have never read the manga and straight away watching this movie).

It is a story regarding the gift of second life to a person. Every person will be given a second chance to alive and all of them will need to obey the rules of gantz so that they can survive. Every single day, they will be given some mission so that they can kill the alien and make sure they will not be kill during the mission because once they have been killed, they will lost their life forever until someone trade back their life with their achievements.

One day, the invasion of alien have become even worst and they plan to conquer the gantz world. In the end, alien manage to enter the world of gantz and trying to destroy the gantz world. For the ending of the story, I won't share to you guys but you guys can try and watch the movie. The CG of the movie is much more better compare with the Hong Kong's CG and it is cool. I hope you guys will enjoy the movie and get the message that the movie presented to us.

Okay, that's all I gonna share with you guys. Thanks for your precious time and wish you guys have a nice day! Please stay tuned for my next post.

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